We recently received calls from some of our Johns Creek and Alpharetta clients who want to put their home on the market this winter but are hesitant to do so because they’ve heard selling during the holidays is a bad idea. Contrary to popular belief, selling during the holidays can be a great time to sell. Here are some reasons why:

Buyers are Serious
Oftentimes, buyers choosing to look for a new home towards the end of the year are more motivated because they are working against a deadline like a job transfer, end of a lease or contract on their existing home. They also likely want to benefit from the tax benefit for closing by the end of the year which is in your favor as a homeowner. After all, if buyers are choosing to skip holiday parties to shop for a new home, you know they aren’t messing around.

Less Competition
For the sellers who choose to wait to list their home until after the holidays, their loss of potential buyers is your gain. Buyers have less homes to choose from, which makes your home stand out more-so than it would during the spring and summer months when the market has more competition.

Your Home Shines Easily
One of the first things buyers seem to do when looking at homes is visualize whether or not they can see themselves living there. What better way to connect with buyers than listing and showing your home during the most cozy and inviting time of the year? Minimal seasonal decorations, warm fireplaces and cozy environments yield in your favor during the holiday months.

If you’re thinking about selling your Johns Creek or Alpharetta home this winter don’t let the rumors scare you. Contact us today and we will create a game plan to get your home listed and sold this holiday season!