Meet The Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Georgia Properties Team

Slogan: Leading with a servant's heart, we aim to please!

Specialties: Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation

At Robb Realty, we connect buyers and sellers through active professional marketing, affective advertising and putting our clients needs first.

In 2014 I took my hospitality/management skills into real estate and helped over 30 families buy or sell a home

In 2015, I sold 12 million in real estate helping 48 clients sell or purchase a home.

In 2016 Eric Robb moved into a leadership position as the buyer team director for one of the largest real estate teams in the country where he helped double the production in less than a year. He is ready to take this experience back to the "street" and help achieve results for his clients.

  • Grew buyer team from 240 Transactions in 2015 to 520 in 2016
  • Went from 16 full time buyer agents to 32 in 12 months
  • Full on boarding and training responsibilities
  • Initiated a mentor program to develop agents
  • Buyer Team produced 60,000,000 in 2015 and 0ver 130,000,000 in 2016 total volume
  • Positive sales growth in GCI, Volume and units every month since the end of 2015 Our firm serves all of metro Atlanta and Athens, GA. Business Highlights: Licensed Realtor with 3+ years of top producing residential real estate sales and leadership experience.
  • Over 50 Transaction sides in 2015 and over 10 Million in sales volume
  • Expert in contract negotiation, writing, drafting and market analysis
  • A demonstrated ability to assess people, operations, equipment, revenue opportunities and work with the on-site teams to implement change and results
  • A demonstrated track record of growing real estate professionals within a company through a combination of training, aligned reporting, technical skill, and leadership
  • Top agent in conversions with over 50% of appointments that were set converted.
  • Strong financial acumen and familiarity with excel and technology. Ability to efficiently and accurately analyze current market performance trends and identify leading indicators for future trends
  • Ability to remain engaged with the external real estate community through various affiliations, organizations and the Atlanta Board of Realtors

Fun Facts About Eric Robb

Eric Robb grew up in upstate New York around big family gatherings and as you can imagine, lots of awesome food. His grandfather was a self taught chef who worked in the restaurant industry for over ten years and his grandmother was a baker who crafted some of the best desserts you could ever imagine. So, Eric was predisposed to being drawn to the kitchen. But how did he become a chef? We had to hear more about his story:


What is one fun fact about you?

I used to race motorcycles and coach for a track day organization. The blue helmet above - that's me. I also love to play on the water with my family; we recently purchased a personal watercraft which has been a blast.

What types of dishes were the first you prepared?

Besides helping my mother, who in her own right is an amazing cook, my first solo dish was a tray of brownies around 7 or 8 years old. Shortly after, I believe I was beginning to bread pork chops and help with family meals.

Where did you learn to be chef and what was it like?

My first official restaurant job when I was 15 years old was at an Italian restaurant where I learned the basics of food preparation and service. I prepped salad, chopped vegetables, washed dishes, made the sauce, and whatever else was needed that day. We were lucky enough to have a home economics class in my high school and my teacher encouraged me to go to culinary school when she noticed my enthusiasm and skill. Right after high school, I was accepted to the Culinary Institute of America into their two year program which definitely helped lay the foundation for my hospitality career and took my skills to the next level.


What is a typical day in the life of being a chef?

Chefs work long hours, are on their feet for up to 12 hours or more a day, and usually begin their work around 11am, finally slowing down after the dinner rush, which is normally 9 or 10pm at night. My day would begin by evaluating our lunch production and making sure we had what we needed for a successful lunch service. Most chefs in larger restaurants facilitate the line cooks and expedite the tickets coming in for service. We also jump on the line when needed and help the cook prepare specials for the day. After lunch, I would  take inventory and get all our food orders in for the following day. Then we begin to prepare for dinner specials and set up the food lines for our dinner rush. Being a chef is a very demanding job, but at the same time, very rewarding. To see a perfectly run kitchen serving hundreds of meals in one night and the reaction on peoples faces is priceless.

What are your top 5 favorite meals or types of foods?

Of course, with my Italian background, I am slightly bias toward anything mediterranean. I love fresh seafood and the simple preparations necessary to bring out their full flavors. I am also a big fan of Asian and Indian cuisine with all the possibility and bold flavor.


What is your favorite memory or story involving food and being a chef?

I have a lot of great experiences, have meet some unbelievable people, and have fantastic memories from being a chef and being involved in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. One of my favorite memories was being involved with the Garlic Festival in Del Ray Beach, FL where I won first place in the professional dessert division with my Roasted Garlic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. We had some local TV coverage and were able to bring notoriety to our restaurant.

What is the coolest thing and your favorite part about being a chef?

The coolest thing about being a chef was that I was able to meet so many amazing people. I worked with some very talented cooks who created amazing dishes that touched the lives of people and families in a positive way. My favorite thing was that I never went hungry!


Is the kitchen as ruthless as Food Network makes it out to be? Why or why not?

The professional kitchen can be a ruthless place at times, but not as much as it's made out to be on some of the more popular shows you see on TV. We all know they need to get ratings, so a lot of what you see is manufactured for entertainment.

How do you feel being a chef has impacted you and your life?

I have been tremendously impacted through being a chef and the life experiences it has afforded me. It taught me many life lessons and helped instill the values of hard work, determination, grit, discipline, and organization that have transferred over to my new love of Real Estate. The biggest impact it had on me is realizing that it’s all about surrounding yourself with great people.

What is your favorite job you've had as a chef?

I worked for a popular restaurant chain in South Florida and had the opportunity to open three very successful restaurants. I now see some of the people I trained becoming owners and very successful in their own right. That makes me happy!