Plant a garden on Johns Creek property.It is probably easier than you think to add a vegetable garden to your Johns Creek property. Whether you have a large backyard or a small one, there is a way to grow fresh vegetables yourself. Clear a space in your existing yard, consider raised beds, or even grow vegetables in containers. Even if all you have is a deck or balcony, you can still plant a garden. Just be sure that the space you have prepared for your garden gets at least 6 hours of sunlight in a day and make sure the soil is good for growing. Planting vegetables is a fun family activity. It also gives you control over pesticides and chemicals used on the plants. You might even cut down on your bills at the grocery store. Clearing space for a garden can even reduce the amount of mowing you have to do. If you’re a complete gardening novice, just find someone to help you at your local garden center. Start your planning early since clearing space takes time and it also takes a while for plants to grow.

Everyone Living in Johns Creek Can Have Fresh Veggies this Summer

Once you have the space prepared at your Johns Creek property, decide if you are going to grow plants from seeds or purchase seedlings. Seeds are cheaper, but if you have waited a little too long in the season to get started seedlings may be your best bet. You’re also more likely to be successful with seedlings. Just look at the seed packaging to see how long each type of plant needs to grow. Tomatoes are very popular for gardens because they will grow naturally all season long, and there is no need to replant. Consider planting basil near your tomatoes to act as a bug repellant and also to add flavor to your tomatoes. Other vegetables to consider that are typically easy to grow are cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, kale, spinach, endive, and lettuce. Take your enjoyment of living in Johns Creek to a whole other level by being able to walk out your back door and pick fresh vegetables for dinner.