Top 7 Reasons To Move To Berkeley Lake, GA

Tucked between John's Creek, Duluth, and Overlook lay the spectacular city of Berkeley Lake, GA. The stunning suburb is filled with beautiful parks and is on a sparkling lake. Berkeley Lake, GA, was once a secluded summer retreat equipped with small fishing cabins since the city has transformed into a thriving year-round community and has a strong business and economic sector. 

Many people live in Berkeley Lake, GA, full-time and take advantage of all the fantastic benefits. Berkeley Lake, GA, is a great place to move. The suburb is filled with outdoor adventures and with plenty of recreation opportunities. Moving to Berkeley Lake, GA might be a big decision for you, and you might need some more information. But, you've arrived at the right place. Our guide will share 7 reasons why moving to Berkely Lake, GA, is a great decision!

Moving Hacks Worth Reading

Moving to Berkeley Lake, GA might be a large relocation for you. Whether it is or not, moving requires a lot of energy, time, and commitment. Below are some moving hacks that might be helpful to you while planning your move to Berkeley Lake, GA.

Color code moving boxes. (For example - everything that belongs in the basement is labeled with a green marker.)

Prepare an overnight bag for everyone in the house. This makes it less stressful when you arrive at your new house and you're exhausted and just want your pajamas.

Pack an Overnight Bag For Your Move

Use socks for padded protection when packing glassware and breakables.

Be careful not to overfill boxes, causing them to be too heavy

Use a clear bin to pack the last remaining items. These are likely the items you will need first, so a clear bin will help immensely!

Take the time to pack your stuff in a neat, organized way. Then, you'll thank yourself for it when you begin unpacking in your new home!

8 Reasons To Move To Berkeley Lake, GA

1. Berkeley Lake, GA, has a diverse real estate market.

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Investing in a property in Berkeley Lake, GA, is an excellent addition to your investment portfolio. The real estate market in Berekely Lake, GA, is diverse. There is a mix of single-family homes and luxury sprawling mansions. In addition, the market has a great blend of new, modern, and traditional pieces of property. So whether you want a long, winding driveway, an empty lot to build your own dream, or a simple family home, Berkeley Lake, GA, is the best suburb to choose. 

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2. Weather.


Moving to Berkeley Lake, GA means you'll experience beautiful weather. The city experiences beautiful summers that are hot and muggy and the winter season is short and cool with precipitation. In Berkeley Lake, GA, the hot season typically spans over four months whereas the cool season is typically only three months. The wet/cool season runs from the end of April to the end of August, and the drier season is the remainder. The seasons in this city make it easier to get out and enjoy various enjoyable activities. 

3. The employment opportunities.


Berkeley Lake, GA, has a lot to offer regarding potential employment opportunities for being a small city. The city has a large restaurant industry bursting with career opportunities. In addition, there are also home and garden businesses along with spas, salons, agriculture, and opportunities in the art sector. The job market is diverse in the suburb, and you're sure to find an excellent opportunity.

Busy Restaurant Industry in Berkeley Lake, GA

4. There is plenty to do!


Berkeley Lake, GA is not your average small town where you blink; you miss it. It is a wonder of nature filled with a solid small business sector and beautiful natural landmarks. Whether you prefer adventures indoors or outdoors, there is something to explore here. The city has many exciting tourist destinations along with plenty of local-loved establishments.

Things To Do In Berkeley Lake, GA:

5. The education.


If you have a family or are planning one, the quality of education in the area you are looking to purchase is critical. The quality of education will be a part of determining your childrens' success and future opportunities. Schools in Berkeley Lake, GA, are fantastic and provide options for elementary, middle, and high schools that cater to the needs of all students.

Schools In Berkeley Lake, GA

Great Schools in Berkeley Lake, GA

6. The beautiful parks.


Spending time outdoors has been proven over and over to be impactful on a person's entire health and well-being. That's why it's important to choose a location with great outdoor spaces to soak up all the sunshine and ground yourself barefoot in the grass. There are many beautiful parks in Berkeley Lake, GA. and visiting them is a great way to stay active and get outside!

7. The art scene.


Berkeley Lake, GA, has a vibrant art scene where talented local artisans hold many art shows along with art classes, workshops, and more. In addition, the city hosts art groups that meet, connect and discuss art at various times throughout the year. Artists in Berekely Lake, GA tend to explore a wide variety of media, so get ready to enjoy spectacular and thought-provoking art!

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It's easy to see why moving to Berekely Lake, GA has many benefits. The city has excellent weather allowing residents to embrace all the seasons. In addition, there is a diverse real estate and job market, bursting at the seams with opportunities and great investments. Berkeley Lake, GA, has many parks, great schools, delicious restaurants, and a vibrant art scene. Whatever your hobbies are, whether you're an adrenaline seeker and adventure wanderer or you crave rest and relaxation in nature, this suburb city has it. Berkeley Lake, GA, is a great place to move to.


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