Every year brings a new set of kitchen ideas to make your space its most stylish and functional. Whether you’re dreaming of a sleek new kitchen or you’re looking for some design inspiration for a little spruce up below is this year’s list of design trends. List of the Best Johns Creek Kitchen Design companies as provided by Houzz.

Quality quartz countertops - Marble countertops are still a top kitchen trend however, quartz counters are an increasingly popular alternative. Quartz counters offer a contemporary, upscale look while being durable and easy to care for. 

The dark side - Dark kitchen countertops are also trending from dark, glossy options to deep-toned wood counters, dark countertops contrasts well with lighter kitchen cabinets. 

Wall to Wall - Many kitchens face storage issues, so it's becoming increasingly popular to totally change from open shelving to wall to wall cabinetry.

Clean lined cabinets - The trend towards minimalist kitchen cabinet designs that are nearly seamless with minimal hardware and clean lines continues to be one of the most popular aesthetics for kitchens.

Multi-level islands - Islands will always be popular kitchen trends if you've got the space a kitchen island increases your prep and storage space while adding extra character to a room. More and more kitchen designs are including islands with multi levels.

Warm things up - As much as we love a clean cool kitchen, warm color palettes are definitely making a comeback. From walls to cabinets to backsplashes wine Reds deep greens and rich Browns are gaining in popularity 

Woven light fixtures - If you’re looking to add a bit of a breezy, relaxed feel to your kitchen, woven-style shades are a trend to shine a light on. They add a contemporary, natural feel to the space.

Reclaimed wood - Reclaimed wood adds a rustic touch but can also be quite contemporary if used in a modern kitchen.

Solid choices - No more tiny tiles, slab backsplashes are in. One-piece backsplashes in materials like marble or metal adds a clean, seamless look.

Pops of personality - A new emerging trend is all about bringing some personality to your prep space with patterned,  textured or colored backsplash tiles.

Faucet Fashion - Interesting faucets can make a big impact when it comes to your kitchen design. Contemporary, unusual metals such as copper, matte black or rose gold can change up the look and feel of your kitchen.

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