Exposure to varying weather conditions can cause a wood deck to look gray and worn. Fortunately, wood is resilient.

Get Rid of Loose Debris
Start by sweeping the deck to remove dirt, leaves, twigs, acorns and any other debris. Then use a power washer to get rid of any tough stains. If you don't have a pressure washer, you can rent a pressure washer inexpensively at Lowes or Home Depot.

Clean the Wood
If your deck has visible stains, a deck cleaning solution can eliminate them and help restore the wood. Use a mop or push broom to spread the cleaning solution evenly across the deck. Rinse, then let the deck dry thoroughly.

Re-Stain the Wood
Give it a fresh coat of stain to protect the wood from moisture. Spread the stain evenly and let it dry. Apply another coat of stain if necessary.

Get Your Deck in Shape for Summer
Exposure to rain, snow and ice can leave a deck looking worse for wear, but restoring it is easier than you may think. Take some time now to tackle that project. Check out your local hardware stores like Ace Hardware and Howard Brothers for a wide selection of wood stains.