Stage your Johns Creek home to make it attractive to buyers.Taking the time to thoughtfully stage your Johns Creek home can really help it sell fast and for top dollar. A good place to start is to decrease the clutter. Rent a storage unit or talk a friend into letting you use part of their garage for a while. By reducing the amount of furniture, a home can look bigger. Depersonalizing the space can also get rid of extra clutter and allow a potential buyer to see themselves living in the space. Make sure counters are cleared off and closets are not packed full of stuff. Plentiful storage space makes a Johns Creek home look more attractive to prospective buyers.

Take a step back and think about the best ways to utilize all of the rooms in your home. If one of the rooms was a catch all and ended up being used for storage, think of another purpose for it. Bring in a desk and a chair and turn it into an office or add an exercise ball, a few mats, and some pillows to turn it into a yoga studio/exercise room.

New Paint and Bright Lighting Makes Johns Creek Real Estate Seem Bigger

Make your home look bright, neutral, and inviting. Fresh paint is an inexpensive way to freshen up the space and make everything look clean. Be sure that everything is well lighted. Add wattage to existing light features or add lamps to dark nooks or spaces. On the day of the open house, open all of the curtains or blinds and turn on all of the lights to make your Johns Creek real estate seem warm and welcoming. Also place some fresh flowers to bring a little of the outdoors inside.

Talk to an experienced realtor for advice. They know the trends that are working out there in the marketplace. They also know which projects should be tackled and which are not worth it. Generally, buyers want to see a clean and polished space, not a huge list of projects. Deep clean everything and make sure that all of the little things, like a loose doorknob or broken piece of baseboard area taken care of.