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Moving to Alpharetta, GA? New construction homes offer many benefits that make them an attractive option for buyers. In this guide, we’ll discuss what makes new construction in Alpharetta, GA so appealing, provide tips on how to find the perfect one for you, cover potential pitfalls you should look out for when buying new construction, and even go over some new construction developments. With all this information in hand, you can feel confident in your decision to purchase a new construction home in Alpharetta, GA.

Why Buy New Construction? 

When looking for a place to live in Alpharetta, GA, you should consider buying new construction. These homes offer many advantages, making your life easier and more enjoyable.

Advantages of New Builds:

  • Customize your home to fit your lifestyle: you can choose from a variety of floor plans, finishes, and features that will make your house feel like it was built just for you
  • Don’t have to worry about dealing with any existing problems or outdated features that come with older homes
  • More energy-efficient than older homes: built with the latest technology and materials that help reduce energy costs and provide better insulation
  • Save money on utility bills: energy-efficient features include windows, insulation, appliances, and more
  • An excellent investment opportunity: the area is growing rapidly and property values are increasing steadily

From customizing your dream home to saving money on energy costs and investing in a growing area—there are plenty of reasons why new construction, Alpharetta, GA is the right choice for you!

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New Construction Homes in Alpharetta, GA: Getting Started

Many of the new construction developments in Alpharetta, GA give residents access to some of the best amenities the city has to offer. From top-rated schools and parks to shopping centers and restaurants just to name a few. Alpharetta, GA is conveniently located near major highways, making it easy for commuters who need quick access to Atlanta or other surrounding cities.

The cost of a new build in Alpharetta, GA can range from $665,000 to $3.7 million. With its excellent school district, amenities, and close proximity to Downtown Atlanta, it’s easy to see why living in Alpharetta, GA is so appealing!

Top developers in the area include John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods, David Weekley Homes, and The Providence Group. Each developer offers unique features and amenities that make their homes stand out from the rest.


Foundry by John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods is a luxurious community. This development offers stylish new townhomes and luxury single-family homes that emulate the city's progressive vibe.

The community features a variety of amenities including a pool, cabana, fire pit, playground, and walking trails. 

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Manning on the Square

Manning on the Square by David Weekley Homes is a vibrant community offering a variety of luxurious single-family homes complete with modern features and amenities.

The homes at Manning on the Square feature open floor plans, gourmet kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, and spacious outdoor living areas. The development boasts various amenities such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, fitness center, walking trails, and additional features.



Ashbury by the Providence Group is an upscale gated community. This development offers spacious floor plans with modern high-end finishes throughout each home.

Residents of Ashbury enjoy a superior lifestyle with access to GA-400, Downtown Roswell, the Alpharetta core, Avalon, and much more. From its convenient location to its luxurious features and amenities, Ashbury is sure to provide you with an exceptional living experience.

These builders offer exquisite homes with modern designs and features that are sure to fit any lifestyle. From luxurious master suites to spacious outdoor living areas, these homes provide all the bells and whistles you could ever want with the convenient location of being close to Downtown Alpharetta and everything it has to offer!

Tips When Buying New Construction

Buying new construction can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be a little intimidating. We’ve put together some tips to put to use when buying your new build in Alpharetta, GA.

Work With a Knowledgeable Real Estate Agent

You may think you don’t need a Realtor when building a brand-new home, but working with a knowledgeable real estate agent can definitely save you time and money. They’ll have the experience and expertise to guide you through the process—connecting with the right builder and negotiating the best deal. 


Research Multiple Builders

Do your research on multiple builders in Alpharetta, GA before making any decisions. Look at online reviews, visit model homes, compare prices, and read up on their building practices. This will help you make an informed decision about which builder is right for you.

Get Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved for a loan is essential when buying new construction in Alpharetta, GA. It will give you an idea of how much house you can afford and what type of loan terms are available to you. This will help speed up the process when it comes time to close on your home purchase.


Budget For the Extras

When budgeting for your new home purchase, don't forget to factor in additional costs such as landscaping fees, HOA fees, etc. These costs can add up quickly so make sure that they are included in your budget before signing any papers with builders or lenders.

Make sure you understand what’s covered by the home warranty provided by the builder before signing with them. If something goes wrong with your home after closing, you want it covered by the warranty not coming out of pocket. 

Having a professional home inspection done prior to closing on your new home is essential. An inspector will be able to identify potential issues that may not be visible during walkthroughs or open houses.

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Be Wary of Add-Ons & Upgrades

When you purchase a new construction build, you’ll have many opportunities to customize it with upgrades and add-ons. These can include anything from upgraded appliances to custom flooring and cabinetry. While these features may seem like a great idea at first, they can quickly add up, driving up the cost of your new home.

Common add-ons and upgrades that purchasers should be wary of include:

  • Expensive over-the-top finishes 
  • Unnecessary appliances such as wine refrigerators or built-in espresso machines
  • Discounted bundled packages that may include items you don’t need or want
  • Costly landscaping packages

Before deciding on any upgrades or add-ons, take some time to consider whether they’re truly necessary or worth the extra money. While some may provide value for money spent, others could end up being an unnecessary expense. Read through all contracts carefully before signing—understand what you’re getting for your money.

Buying a new construction home in Alpharetta, GA is an exciting experience if you have the right knowledge and resources. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you're ready to find the perfect new build to make living in Alpharetta, GA most enjoyable! 

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