Lower the energy bill at your Johns Creek home by being energy wise.It can be great fun to decorate your Johns Creek home for the holidays. At least it is usually great fun until the utility bill comes. Luckily, there are some great tips for making getting into the holiday spirit a little easier on the finances. Switch to LED lights, which use considerably less wattage than incandescent lights. Also consider cutting down on the lights and using more wreaths, bows, garlands, and lawn ornaments that don’t take any energy at all. Think about putting lights on a timer so that you never have to worry about remembering to turn them off. Smart plugs are a great option for this as they can even be linked to an app on your phone. An added bonus is that this can be a security feature. Have the lights turn on and off when you are not home to make it look like you are there. Smart plugs also allow you to track energy usage. View a report that tells you exactly how much energy your massive lights display is using. This can help to keep your budget on track and give good information on changes you should make when decorating your Johns Creek Home.

Keep the Energy Bill for Johns Creek Real Estate Low This Winter

Besides the lights, there are many things that you can do inside your home to save energy. It is obviously colder and darker this time of year, so the lights, oven, and furnace are going to be working extra hard. Try to keep cold air out of the house. Come and go quickly to decrease the draft from an open door and consider getting a draft blocking device to further insulate your home. Energy efficient curtains that keep the light and heat out in the summer can also work to keep heat in during the winter. Also utilize your fireplace, if you have one, to give the furnace a little break and create some nice ambiance as well.

When it comes to cooking for the holidays take a little time to prepare and think about how to do it wisely. Cook in batches so that you do not have to heat and then reheat the oven. Also turn down the thermostat when baking, since the oven adds a good amount of heat to the home anyway. If your energy bills really need a break, sign up to bring jello salad or dip to the family party so that you do not have to fire up the oven at all. It is good for the planet and for your pocketbook to be conscientious of your energy consumption. Taking the time plan and to be mindful of your energy usage will give you greater satisfaction when celebrating the holidays in your Johns Creek real estate.